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know, george and steve and jed, we all know there is no better place in america to host the super bowl for 50 and 51 than the bay area. the game to be played in santa clara, we know that every hotel and restaurant between here and san jose will be filled and the entire region will benefit tremendously from this super bowl. that's why we have everyone from our entire departments from city administrators and super works to make sure we host a great event for the whole entire area. an i know that once we host this first super bowl, once we win it and host it that we'll be in the rotation for future super bowls as well. we have the hotels, hospital, transportation network, the businesses, the support to do this right and do this well. i want to just again, thank daniel, thank the entire super bowl bid committee and welcome in george and steve to join jed and daniel and all of us in making sure we persuade the nfl in may, that we have earned the right to host super bowl 50. thank you. [ applause ] >> as you know we have the draft coming up and for our super bowl committee team. we created t
of this effort in bringing it all the way to the end zone. and you know, george, and steve, and jed they all know that there is no better place in america to host a super bowl, 50 or 51 than the san francisco and the bay area. and with san francisco as the official host city and the game to be played in santa clara we know that every hotel room and restaurant between here and san jose will be filled and that the entire region will come together and benefit tremendously from the hosting of the super bowl and that is why we have so many of our departments that are here from our city administrator to our public works all of the city families coming together, with the bay area, to make sure that we host a great event for the whole entire area. and i know that once we host this first super bowl, once we win it, and we host it, that we will be in the rotation for future super bowls as well. we have the hotel rooms, we have the hospitality and we have the transportation network and we have the businesses and the community to support, to do this right and to do this well. and so, i want to just again, th
to thank jed, mayor matthew and lee forgiving me this opportunity to present this. on may 21st we present to the owners in boston and that will be the big day. so this is a great testament to the regions unified vision and i will turn it over to jed. thank you. [ applause ] >> it's a pleasure to the working with so many great people to bring the biggest sporting event in the world in northern california . we are working together and it's going to take a lot of work. we are a little bit different than other folks. we have a community minded process and looking at a long lasting legacy. when you look at what california means and what is northern california, you are talking about the state of ability, technology, the cutting edge. we are standing in what is going to be the first certified stadium. we are not sure what the certification is going to be, we hope it's gold. we are not sure until it's up and running, but what we do know is we have enough solar panels to be powered by the sun. that's something that nobody else can say in the world in sporting events. when you talk about bringing
and got some help from his defense - eric sogard with the flip to jed lowrie who throws out runner 6 top 5th, scoreless anderson's only mistake - gives up a 2-run single to center to franklin guiterrez for only runs of game 2-0 sea 7 felix hernandez - facing john jaso - who got a rolex from king felix for catching his perfect game - jason now with the a's and he strikes out to end inning hernandez: 7.2 ip, 3 hits, 0 runs, 8 k's final: 2-0 mariners . matt cain struggled after that he was very strong. and in the eight, magic johnson watched the dodgers 4- nothing victory. ncaa women - cal/ georgia lindsay gottleib and cal trying to reach their 1st final four cal was down by 10 in the 2nd half but cal's talia caldwell follows up the missed free throw. 50-50 tie final seconds of regulation cal up 52-50 georgia's anne armstrong gets the offensive rebound and the putback to tie it 52-52 overtime 61-57 cal layshia carendon. gets in the lane and hist the pullup jumper 63-57 cal with 38 seconds left cal now up 3 last second heave by georgia to tie it isn't close cal is going to their first final fo
. >> reporter: when jed creed joined taco bell -- >> what do you think the perception of taco bell was -- >> cheap, low quality. that's the perception. i hope we've done an amazing job of turning it around. >> reporter: he led us inside for a rare look attack co bell headquarters in irvine, california. why do you love taco bell? >> the people. everyone is a family. >> hello. >> reporter: he's tried to make the place feel more like a dot-com start-up. a game room and a sta state-of-the-art gym and a $6.8 billion a year fast food giant. glenn bell, hence the name taco bell, probably never imagined a neon orange taco shell when he built the first taco bell restaurant in the early 1960s. back then, few americans had heard of tacos. even today, taco bell is the only chain selling mexican cuisine. 1 million doritos locos tacos per day. how do you do it? >> you do it because it's a very simple idea. doritos on the outside with the classic taste of a taco on the inside. >> frito lays even announced this week that they now have a doritos chip inspired by the taco. but as taco bell has risen
, pablo sandoval! >>> the a's woke up tonight. jed lowry, 2-run double here! one no. 1 over the mariners, 6-2. >>> warriors' jarret jack. >> > and sharks over the minnesota wild, 42. their sixth straight win. >> red-hot! >> good deal. >> everybody wins! >> we're just over here clapping the whole time! [ laughter ] >> that's it for us at 10:00. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
-center gap to score jed lowrie. 4-2 a's next batter yoenis cespedes goes back-to-back with a line drive 2-run homer off maurer. 6-2 a's final: 8-2 a's >> gary: cal women hoops rally the cal womens basketball team is off to the final four in new orleans the school held a rally athaas pavilion to give them a proper sendoff today the bears will play louisville in the national semifinal sunday at 3:30pm cal beat georgia in overtime to get to the final four louisville upset brittany griner and baylor then beat tennessee in the regional championship in only her second season lindsay gottleib has the bears in the final four for the 1st time ever >> gary: the pac-12 coordinator of officials ed rush resigned today. a week after it came out offered $5,000 or a tip to cancun to any official giving arizona coach sean miller a technical foul during the conference tournament. >> rice gets $100,000 bonus despite being fired for abusive behavior toward his players former rutgers basketball coach mike rice will get a $100,000 bonus for making it through the season rice was fired yesterdayafter a video was mad
giants ace matt cain takes the mound. of coco crisp. jed lowrie and seth smith all homered to lead the a's over their new division rivals the houston astros six-to-three. this is the second straight game that crisp has homered -- putting the a's up one- to-nothing in the fourth. bartolo colon pitched a solid six-innings in his first appearance since he got a 50-game suspension for violating the leagues substance abuse policy. next up the a's finish their series with the astros tomorrow. wichita state did everything right for nearly the whole game until louisville saw their hopes for a away as the turnovers started to mount and the this was the first time wichita state had advanced this far since 1965. now louisville turns their attention to the national championship on monday. and louisville's opponent in the championship game will be michigan. defense with a barrage of three-pointers in the first a-p player of the year trey this is the first time michigan will have a shot at 1989. after a sloppy second half michigan hung on for the win and will now face louisville on monday. you can cat
in there you go. bud anderson gets his first one of the year two runs on five hits and ten streak you hads. jed lowrie, 3-5 today, hitting an even .500 to start the season. his third home run. solo shot. following in, coco crisp. third long ball of the series, five rbis. oakland with the 5-0 lead. here'ss' bad news. josh reddick, chasing the foul ball. slides into the wall. turns his right wrist, case were negative. >> ultimate concentration. sharks and stars in the sunday matinee. 2-2 in the second. dallas scored twice in 26 seconds. this is an incredible goal. backhand top shelf right at you. that's precision. third goal of the year for gal $galiardi. game goes to a shootout. that's the only goal there, sharks settle for a point. 5-4 the final. their seven game win streak comes to an end. >> tonight at 6:00, reaction from matt cane. i'm assuming he is not happy. and we'll check in on the warriors, a win over utah and they'll clinch a playoff spot. >> they had a blast today in the south bay. the reaso >> coming up in a half hour at 6:00. a hair rowing tale. >> suffered a trauma. i guess maybe
, so it would happen. ander sewn gets his first win of the year. a's aquite jed lowrie from houston. a great trade. 3-5 today. hitting .500 on the season. third home run of the year for the 3-0 lead. following, coco crisp. five rbis in the three-game set oakland up 8-0 in the fifth. josh reddick chasing a foul ball. slides into the wall. turns his right wrissments taken to a hospital -- local hospital. x-rays negative. >>> my, oh, my. sharks and stars in the sunday matinee. trailing 2-0. second period. dallas scores twice in 26 seconds. the wrister. galiardi. incredible goal right here. back hand, top shelf, coming right at you right there third gol of the year for him. san jose up 4-2 in the third. then tied at four apiece. in the shootout, the only goal. sharks settle for 1.5. their seven-game win streak comes to an end, this sports report brought to you by orchard shy hardware. >> a fight to the finish for >> join me tonight. researches say 100,000 american lives could be changed -- saved with one cheng. >> remembering the millions killed in the holocaust. the tributes around the
the field, you will win. that was the case again today. jed had a day off and we were down coco and cespedes, we felt that we had a good chance to win the game today. >> tiger woods, disqualified almost, that was the buzz and backdrop in augusta as a favorable drop on friday may have gotten him dq'ed. instead he got a two-stroke penalty, what is that saying? what does not kill you makes you stronger. here he is on number eight. and he will just lip out. but a good day, shot 70, that leaves him 4 off the pace. your co-leaders after round 3, there is one of them. snedeker, the birdie on 16, he shot a 3 under 69 today and what about the duck? 2009 master's champ, angel cabrera, on the finishing hole, you bet that is a birdie. co-leaders at 7 under par heading into the final round of play. sharks in action as we speak in dallas, texas, stars leading 2-0, we will have highlights at 11:00. getting to crunch time, 7 games left and playoffs hopefully in san jose. >> scott, thank you very much. >> all right, rob, one more quick thing, when is all this changing out there? >> by tomorrow night, we coul
, jed, chief economist at trulia. this is a real estate with website. so, we are getting mixed reports. some places, home prices are up. a lot of demand, other markets, just the opposite. is this a regional housing recovery? >> we're seeing the recovery strongest in two types of markets. marks that have strong job growth like san francisco, seattle, denver. but we're also seeing strong price increases in places that were hit hard in the housing bust. places that saw big price declines line phoenix, vegas and detroit. >> i was in los angeles over the weekend and the lead story of the los angeles on sunday was a bubble market where there are options happening once again for homes being sold there, mainly because of a dirth of supply. >> inventory is very tight, especially in california, but across the country. a few reasons for that. first of all, prices bottomed about a year ago and nobody wants to sell at the bottom, but everyone wants to buy at the bottom, so people who have the choice may be waiting to sell until the prices are higher. construction levels are still are low, even thou
for coming on board, supervisor ferrell thank you for all of your efforts mayor, lee and jed, and thank you, and you guys can grab us afterwards and we are not going to take questions now, may 7th, the bid is due, may 21st, we present in boston to the owners and with this team, behind us, we are going to get it done, so thank you, have a great day. supervisor avalos, breed present. supervisor chiu? chiu present. supervisor cohen? cohen present. supervisor farrell? farrell present. supervisor kim? kim present. supervisor mar? mar present. supervisor tang? tang present. supervisor wiener? wiener present. supervisor yee? yee present. mr. president, all members are present. >> thank you. ladies and gentlemen, before we do the pledge of allegiance, i'd like to ask that we take a moment to recognize the victims of yesterday's boston marathon tragedy. [moment of silence] >> thank you very much. and ladies and gentlemen, could you please join us in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands; one nation under go
bailey strikes out the side getting jed lowrie swinging to end it final: 6-5 boston >> i'm not sitting here telling you that either one are a better thing is sure to rise. the his regained as a player as a fan and as a young kid. i have not ever seen two guys in the same backcourt should as well as these two guys. we did not come here just to win one game. if there is still a lot of business left. we have ultimate expect respect for the denver and that is a dangerous place to be. do it gain friday night. warriors record shooting the warriors shot a over denver in game 2 of series. they shot 14-for-25 from 3- point-range ater the game mark jackson thompson were the best shooting backcourt in nba history even better than memphis grizzlies center >> pam: would give march around treasure island. >> gary: nba playoffs marc gasol has beat out lebron jamesto win the nba's defensive player of the year kobe bryant not tweeting tonight. >> gary: kevin grant is to this 1 051 02 award gasol, who is pau's younger brother, got 30 first place votes while lebron got just 18. when we come back is socce
, held on to win. rubber match between the a's from fenway, red sox up one, two outs, jed lowry down the line, it was called foul, but upon further review, a fan may have interfered. >> melvin argued to no avail, and then lowry swings at strike three, and that hurt. red sox hang on 6-five. hockey, sharks, coyotes, phoenix up 1-0 in the first period. and this is deflected in by a shark. oh, sharks down 2-0, go to the second period, turnover, brent burns, beating mike smith. his ninth of the year, they did not do that any more times though. coyotes hang on to win 2-1. the warriors are prepping for game number three saturday, the series with denver tied at one game a piece, we know that seth curry and klay thompson are good shooters, but the coach said they are the best back shooters ever. even those including jerry west. >> i'm not saying that either of them are better than jerry west. but in the history of the game, as a player, a as a fan, as an announcer as a young kid, and i have not ever seen two guys in the same back court shooting as well as these two guys. >> the coach is feeli
help. bases loaded in the ninth. jed lowery, the game ending play. >> informant informant draft day, and marcus lattimore was an elite runningback at south carolina but thought his career was over after a right knee injury last season. now he is a 49er. selected interest the fourth around, 131st overall in 29 games he set a school record with 38 rushing touchdowns, ran for over 2600-yard and was the ncaa freshman of the year in 2010. he is working out, should be ready for training camp. >> final day of the draft for the niners, picked up quinton patton, quinton dial, and nick mood use, the raiders took quarterback tyler wilson out of arkansas, took tight ends. central flafs -- and just selected missouri western defensive end david bass in the seventh. more from the as and the draft at 6:00. >> ama: in a half hour at 6:00, grass fire in san jose. tonight what firefighters say caused the blaze. >> a piece of hollywood history returned nearly 20 years after its wag stolen. >>> an international beard competition was held today in germany. in the competition was especially hairy with 100
. supervisor ferrel, thank you for all your efforts on the supervisor side. mayor lee, jed, thank you all. we'll take, you guys can grab us afford. we -- may 7, bid is due, may 27 we present in boston to the owners and with this team behind us, we are getting it done. thank you. have a great day. >>> >>> all right. how is everybody doing? who wants -- walked to work today? happy walk to workday, everybody. i'm excited to be here for san francisco to lead the nation for the very first official walk to workday in the us right here in san francisco. [ applause ] >> i'm elizabeth. i want to welcome everybody who walked near and far. i want all of you to post online and tweet about it because that's how you win prizes. i want to introduce the mayor who has an exciting announcement to make this city safer and better for walking not just today but everyday. mayor ed lee. >> thank you four your walk and advocacy and leadership as well. we do a lot of things in the city for the first time and i'm really glad to see this walk to work program get kick started in our city. we are one of the most wal
gonzalez boots yoenis cespendes' ground ball at 2nd base coco crisp and jed lowrie score 3-0 a's still top 5th/ 6-0 a's crisp doubles down the right-field linechris young and josh donaldson score 8- 0 a's dan straily strikes out brett wallace swinging the astros have struck out 56 times in their first 4 games straily had 11 k's in 6 2/3 final: 9-3 a's opening ceremonies manager bruce bochy comes out first from center field carrying the world series trophy pablo sandoval introduced buster posey introduced large american flag unfurled in the outfield boat in the cove spraying water sandoval and marco scutaro throw out first pitch 2012 world series flag brough in on a san francisco fire boat a handful of giants players including matt cain, tim lincecum, ryan vogelsong, angel pagan, hunter pence and manager bruce bochy carry the flag to the post the players hoist the flag into the sky players cheer bochy claps and looks up at flag outfield wall also gets a flag painted onto it giants cardinals barry zito - the giants have won his last 14 starts including 3 in last year's playoffs top 1st zito
takes the mound. the a's hit three home runs as they went on to beat the astros nine-to-three. jed lowrie and coco crisp each hit their third home run of the year -- and second in as many days -- as the a's swept the three- game series with the astros. brett anderson struck out ten in another strong pitching performance. a's fans got a scare in the fifth inning when outfielder josh reddick collided with the wall while trying to chase down a ball in fall territory. he left the game but x-rays were negative and he is listed as day-to-day with a right wrist sprain. on tuesday the a's head to los angeles for a series with the angels. the sharks seven game win streak is over. the dallas stars snapped the streak -- beating the sharks today five-to-four in a come from behind victory. the sharks went up early two-to-nothing but couldn't hold off a late run by the stars -- despite scoring four goals. too many teams losing in that we have rainfall! >> it is going to be windy. >> and remember you can watch the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channe
is at 1-05 coco crisp. jed lowrie and seth smith all homered to lead the a's over their new division rivals the houston astros six-to-three. this is the second straight game that crisp has homered -- putting the a's up one- to-nothing in the fourth. bartolo colon pitched a solid six-innings in his first appearance since he got a 50-game suspension for violating the leagues substance abuse policy. the a's are looking for a sweep today as they finish their series with the astros later today. >> now to the latest on men's college hoops. wichita state did everything right for nearly the whole game until louisville battled back. eventually winning 72-to-68. the ninth-seeded shockers saw their hopes for a national tittle slowly slip away as the turnovers started to mount and the shots stopped falling. this was the first time wichita state had advanced this far since 1965. now louisville turns its attention to the national championship game tomorrow. and louisville's will face the university of michigan. the wolverines attacked syracuse's zone defense with a barrage of three-pointer
for the a's. anderson-pitched well and got some help from his defense-eric sogard with the flip to jed lowrie who throws out a runner. andersen's only mistake came in the fifth where he gave up a to run single to franklin. those were the only ones there were scored in the game. seattle wins 220. these to do it again tonight at 7:00 p.m. at the coliseum. >> down in los angeles the giants got all the clinton kershaw they could handle. the dodgers' opening day kershaw they could handle. the dodgers' opening day pinew nehoney bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain. herehe we go. honehoy corncoflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feelfe healthy. new how ney bunches of oats gre. struck out seven, and did not walk anybody, overshadowing a solid outing by the giants as matt came. came through six scoreless innings before being pulled by bruce bochy when his pitch count got too high. by bruce bochy when his pitch count got too high. >> we[ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started earni
went 2 for 3. in the 7th, it was 4-2 a's. jed laurie, 3 for 3 on the night, including that one. get out of here, next batter, chris young get out of here, back to back home runs and that chris young's debut with the a's. first game of the year, a's win 6-2. so far so good in the bay. how about some basketball now? hornets versus warriors, second quarter is where we start in this one. doves down one. curry, to david lee, and he'll throw it down. game high 23 points for lee. still in the second, curry, 4-3. you already know what's going to happen there. warriors on a 26-run. 3 for 3 so far. how about hockey now. sharks looking for their sixth straight win. andrew luck. up 1-0 in the first. that is a great individual effort. coast to coast on the power play. sharks up 2-0. tie game in the second, joe thornton pass deflected in. everything going right for the sharks. they win 4-2. they have won six in a row. we were 4 for 4 on the night. one more note here, nnamdi asomugha back in the bay after signing a one-year deal with the 49ers today, he can earn as much as $3 million, if he reaches al
you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please? >> hello, my name is jed holsman and thank you for this opportunity to speak and for this hearing, i am a resident of san francisco and i wanted to echo everything that has been said before me. and i want to particularly mention what we learned in this hearing about perhaps half of the fossil fuel investment of the retirement board being in private equity which would not be touched and encourage the committee and the board to look into options for policies that could complete the process. i just wanted to point out that although we don't often think about it these days, economic activities require functioning systems and every economic transaction is traced to the foundation and begins with natural capitol. and the natural resources into products that we can use. i have wanted to point out that i want that it would be penny wise and pound foolish to worry too much about the risk of divestment in a hundreds of a basis point when the status quo of not divesting will leave the planet and the investments rs meaningless because of the
to get two top guys in the draft. >> 49ers ceo jed york recruited steve young and they want nfl owners to choose the billion dollar football stadium the team is building as the site for super bowl 50. >> it was, in i believe 1967 the first super bowl was played in los angeles california. and seems only fitting the nfl bring the 50th super bowl to northern california. >> super bowls have a way of defining careers and cities. >> young describes the stadium as unique. a large space and he believes in play it should be selected to host the big game. not just once. >> think about how what we feel about the bay area that is why it's one of the number one destinations in the world. makes sense this, snot -- they don't need me to do this. >> backers believe the history will be a key selling point. >> this helps you with community outreach and shows bid committees and folks voting this is a community effort. >> he says new york raised $60 million and the bay saer now in line. >> we have hotel rooms and hospitality, transportation network and community support. to do this right and well. >> san
redic doubled deep to right. a's on top eric soguard base hit driving home jed laurie giving up six runs in two third of -- two thirds of an inning. a's sweep astros again. >> offense is off the authorities at this point. running bases pretty fell. what are we? 12-14? hitting on all cylinders at this point. >> giants and brewers have garlic fridays we have waffle fries, third inning, homers for the second game, brew crew up 1-0. with st. louis, crawford just broke it up in the 6th. so nice come back in the works there. a win would give golden state a sixth playoff spot in the west. seth as a chance to break ray hallen's record of 269 set back in the 560 r5-06 season. >> we know how great of a shooter they were i'm a fan and i know about the game to. see in that conversation which is like he had, i think in 2006 would be special. >> there was a montana in red and gold today working out just thinking about it. you know? you can see joe back there. not not the montana look at nate. nate has speed. he and others took part in the session for draft-eligible players. it's pro day for them. nate
former a andrew bailey strikes out on jed laurie. harrison barn showed flashes of stardom. barns had a break out performance. from golden state's 131-117. a day later warriors still talking about that play. >> it was impress yismt looking at it on the replay. then, looking at photos of it. this is an opportunity for him to be recognized. >> just aggressive. and played like he was sure of himself. i'm still trying to faj ym how he was able to muster that dunk in. oof game two, roll players coming up. they go up four in the fourth quarter, kevin durant out with his three gets okc. >> this abc 7 sports report brought to you by orchard supply and hardware. >> that old saying truth shall set you free. tonight i'm going to explain how that will help you lose weight. >> then at 9:00 you might call it mile high floating. a new service redefines friendly skies. >> starting with middle followed by two episodes of modern family. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. in new york city's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued b
pitched well and got some help from his defense eric i sogard with the flip to jed lowrie who throws out runner anderson only mistake and the february gave a bid to run single to franklin gutierrez. those were the only run scored the game. seattle when it hit two-d world. these two will do it again tonight at the coliseum at 7. >> down in los and allows the giants got all the clinton kershaw they could handle. the dodgers open today picture kershaw losses are a career home run to break a scoreless tie in the eighth inning, then finished off a four hitter giving ia the 4-0 win. he struck out seven, and did not walk anybody. overshadowing a solid outing by giant as matt cain. caper six scoreless innings before being pulled out by bruce bochy with his pitch got to hide. >> we will be back with more on the kron 4 morning news. >> we are back at 4:10 . >> the power ball lotteries coming to california and bay area stores are gearing up for the crowds. ticket sales start april 8th in the very first drawing will be two days later. some already know that they're betting on that $40 million jackpo
-3 victory. home opener is tomorrow afternoon against the cardinals. >> now the athletic jed low rie and chris young his back-to-back home runs in the seventh inning last night, held in the athletics beat the seattle mariners 6- 2. nate friedman had two hits and ed rbi in his major-league debut. he allowed it there first inning home runs but settled down the settled down to retir7 of its final 18 batters. michael moore's at one of the home runs for seattle, is third in two days. we will be back with more on the kron 4 morning news. here's a live look for storm tracker 4 we're >> we're back. >> in san francisco we're mainly on the yellow indicating a rain. in addition to this that the chp is reporting row with flooding in some areas. >> high way 4, the san ramon valley, walnut creek hall under engorge cover which indicates there rain of. however more details and what your future cast for a couple of minutes. >> here is a triple live look outside erica on the left-hand side we have our live picture out of every bill. the golden gate bridge and the upper right the bay bridge and the lo
: after friends reached out to the team through social media, 49ers ceo jed york and player aldon smith both tweeted their condolences. >> it means so much that he wrote back to us i'm really thankful. >> shows a great amount of respect towards the family and him. i'm happy that he is getting as much love and admiration as he is. he deserves every bit of it. >> sweet, sweet, sweet. >> reporter: the response is especially touching to his father who is also a big 49er fan. nothing will take away the pain of losing a son but he is grateful for the words of sympathy. >> thank you. >> actually read it and they are praying and thinking about him, about jacob it is so great, man. >> reporter: we are back here live where you see hundreds are attending a prayer vigil right now outside of the family's mission district home. the family has not yet set a funeral date. when they do we are told that members of the victim's college football team are expected to come down on buses from portland, oregon to attend. so far no arrests have been made in this case. reporting live in san francisco i'm jodi he
and dad loving it. why not. that's big league baseball. jed lowrie, newcomer to the a's, two-out double to plate a pair, breaking a 2-2 tie. a's in control but can't off with another newcomer, chris young, his first start as an oakland a, hammered it to left, ticket to ride. solo homer, 6-2 victory, their first of the year. >>> the theme is bay area victory tonight. the postseason approaches. the sharks, the warriors, looking game ready. highlights from both teams and another shark trade to tell you about. sports, part two, next. medications? i don't know. last immunization shots? really? honey, what's my blood pressure medicine called? one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to that. at kaiser permanente, your medical information is available to you and your doctors. quickly. securely. no guesswork required. better information. better care. kaiserpermanente. thrive. lets you go from working hard... to hardly working. ♪ big sales that help you get away. that's how we fly. act now to grab flights all over the country as low as $59 one-way. thes
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